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So the new year came upon me quietly, subtly one might say, and then it hit me like a sledgehammer.   I decided I would wait a week after the new year before going back to martial arts because A) they had been closed until the new year and B) we are a bit behind at work so I figured I would work some late days.  Within that first week, I found out that a very dear friend and coworker had been severely hurt and after five days of suffering, finally passed.  This is truly the first death that I have experienced; my grandparents have passed away in the last few years but I had not seen them in ages so it was not such a huge shock. 
I decided that I would attend my friend's funeral, which was 6 hours away, and made preparations.  My mother went with me because she knew I would be a wreck after the funeral, and I was.  I returned on Friday evening and have been keeping myself busy--trying to distract myself from the reality of him being gone.  I know that I am still in the Denial stage of Grief and eventually it will hit me like a sledgehammer again when I move out of Denial. 
Why am I sharing this, you might ask?  Well, first the obvious reason is so that I can say please don't think you have forever.  There are so many things I wanted to include him in within my life and now, I cannot.  Second, is to keep his memory alive and let others know of the great life he lived and how he touched so many people's lives.  Third, I will be rewriting my Resolutions for this year--some will be easy, others will be ones that I know he would have pushed/supported me to complete. 

Have a Happy New Year everyone and be thankful for those in your life.
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